This was and still is a custom designed attunement not meant to be shared nor downloading the energy for others to spread around the Planet.

It was designed to make use of all the symbols and hand movements of every other Reiki system currently being used throughout the Planet. 

Instruction Notes Coming.
$90.00 USD

Who am I:

My name is John Hicks and I received a number of attunements from my mentor Ole Gabrielsen
from Denmark late 90's. These were the Kundalini Reiki attunements of which there were 9.
I went on from there in 1999 to 2010 attuning many others to Kundalini Reiki as well as other systems.
Around 2005 I met up online with a forum owner who owns the mystical wonders forum. After talking with the forum owner about my 'prayer' ability I got asked if I would like my own section called "Manifestation Requests" so I obliged. I am known on site as "Mystx" and have a heap of positive testimonials in that section.

New Domain name coming soon:

$90.00 USD
Send payment to PayPal enoch@godnrg.com

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